Backend Engineer (Ruby)

Research & Development


June 14, 2022

The project defends clients’ organic traffic. We crawl websites, parse fetched data, compare against previous crawls, and alert clients when critical changes that will impact organic rankings are found. The company was founded in 2014 and our SAAS application is used by many notable companies (ex. Uber, Yelp, (, etc.). Now that the company has traction, we are expanding our team. We’ve found product-market fit and are on track to become the number one SEO Change Monitoring company.

To continue our growth, we are seeking a talented Back End Software Developer to execute on this vision and aid in creating enterprise level stability. The role will be a mix of systems architecture, refactoring/addressing technical debt, and improving team processes/organization.

You’ll work in a true startup environment along with the product lead (located in Haiku, HI) and three devs (located in Montenegro and Bangalore). The role demands principled thinking, well honed software development skills and a true desire for continuous improvement. We build things that businesses use daily and have high expectations - you should also. Our culture is one where open discussions and transparency are highly valued, where curiosity and passion for coding is rewarded, efficient and effective execution is required, and ownership and accountability keep us focused on helping our customers.

Technologies we currently use:

  • Ruby (2.3 upgrade in progress towards 3.0);
  • Rails;
  • Node.js / Headless Chrome;
  • JavaScript (Chrome extension);
  • RabbitMQ;
  • MySQL;
  • AWS / Docker.


  • Review current codebase and make recommendations for improvements with a focus on those that will have the most impact on users, future development speed and robustness;
  • Architect system and write code;
  • Participate in the full development process, from design to implementation and testing to code reviews to deployment and scaling;
  • Propose, research, prototype, and test new ideas, from libraries to systems to new technologies;
  • Lead team to improve processes, drive to root causes and evaluate solutions;
  • Collaborate on new features/technical projects with lead product manager;
  • Identify and document feature gaps, and design and implement solutions to them.


  • 4+ years of experience designing, building, and operating complex systems with a variety of web technologies;
  • History of leading engineering teams to raise technical standards and achieve business goals;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills that enable effective communication and collaboration with a variety of stakeholders;
  • Passion for building products that are beautiful from their user experience to their robust and elegant design.

Bonus points for

We offer excellent benefits, including but not limited to

  • People-oriented management without bureaucracy;
  • Competitive compensation; 
  • Flexible schedule;
  • 15 working days of annual paid vacation;
  • Paid sick-leaves;
  • Friendly and engaging professional team;
  • An opportunity for self-realization, career and professional growth;
  • Accounting and legal support.

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