Outstaffing as a CTO’s Hedge Against The ‘Great Resignation’ and Other Market Challenges

Right across the world, business leaders want to move on from Covid and turn their attention once more to growth. But with inflation on the rise, tough economic times predicted ahead and the emergence of the ‘Great Resignation’ as the latest in a long line of problems, it’s time to focus on the tasks that add most value and use the benefits of outstaffing to steady the ship and begin steering in the direction of success.

Why is the ‘Great Resignation’ Happening?

Right now, the business world is a worker’s market. The changing landscape of business has brought new factors into play when it comes to job satisfaction and saw 4 million US workers quit their jobs in July 2021. Wages remain key to individuals, but flexibility and work-life balance have come to the fore after so many months working from home. Commuting costs are another factor. Working from home can effectively result in a real term pay rise.

Once resignations took off, it became something of a merry-go-round. Large numbers of resignations left companies struggling to fill gaps. The solution? Increased wages and bonus payments. The result of this was that even more people were tempted to resign and apply for those better paid jobs. Pretty soon, wages were sky high, startups and companies in all sectors were having to bear the costs of onboarding new recruits, and finance departments were questioning how sustainable this business model really was. There had to be another way.

Where Should Business Leaders Focus Their Attention Now and Into 2021?

Your focus must be on the core activities that drive profit: building a great product and delivering the ultimate service to your users. This is different from what outsiders might interpret as your core business and invariably comes down to three key factors; leadership, marketing and sales.

Leadership is the art of communicating your brand, ethos and strategy to individuals who will help bring your vision to life. Marketing and sales are the methods by which you convince, convert and retain customers. Whatever industry you operate in, however great your product or service is, your key growth driver is attracting and retaining business. Everything else can be outstaffed.  

Outstaffing is an Opportunity, Not a Threat

Outstaffing should not be confused with outsourcing. It is not a way of shifting responsibility onto an agency. Rather, it is the process of hiring dedicated distributed teams to take on some of the tasks you need completed to drive growth. You maintain full control of the product and its development. You convey your vision to remote workers using the technological advancements we are all now familiar with. And you benefit from the top global talent working towards boosting your productivity and driving up ROI.

In the interconnected business world of the 2020s, outstaffing provides an opportunity for you to tap into the skills and abilities of experts from around the world without being swamped with recruiting, onboarding, tax processing and other paperwork. When you outstaff, you do so to firms or agencies that understand that area of the business inside out. They recruit the best talent for your specific needs, bring them up to speed in no time and voila - you have a cohesive and collaborative remote team of engineers working directly with your technical leadership.

If you need new software solutions to adapt to changing customer demand, why rely on recruiting or retraining in-house software developers when you can outstaff to recruiting experts that specialize in providing exactly what you want: hire the best talent and empower them locally on spot?

Outstaffing For Speed and Consistency

High staff turnover is a sure fire way to disrupt productivity. On top of the logistical issues around getting new starters to the right level, recruitment is an expensive exercise. Now, nobody minds paying good money for good quality individuals. But constant wage increases are not sustainable and have a huge impact on bottom line profit. But with inflation on the rise in a worker’s market, continued pressure to increase pay is inevitable.

Oustaffing frees you from those demands. When you outstaff software development, the agency is responsible for recruitment and training. They are dedicated to providing distributed teams of software engineers at the point of need. Without other distractions, they are able to ensure they have plans in place to backfill where necessary.

When you try to run all aspects of your organization alone, you cannot possibly achieve the level of niche expertise offered by outstaffing agencies. When you outstaff, you enjoy the benefits of speed and consistency required to grow and scale your business without the headaches and costs that it usually entails.

Outstaffing is a way of gaining greater control over the direction of your company. Instructing experts to deal with routine tasks leaves you free to focus your energy on the areas of your business where you can have the most impact on your bottom line.

About the Company

Growing your company and surrounding yourself with top talent doesn’t have to cost you big money. You just need to know where to find it. Rather than jumping on the recruitment and resignation merry-go-round, outstaffing gives you constant access to the best talent at a flexible and cost efficient structure.. Agile Fuel provides dedicated engineering teams based in Ukraine but wholly devoted to your project at all times. The company bears all recruitment and employee costs to help make budgeting easier for you. In contrast to the high wages and lack of available talent in the US, Ukraine is producing huge numbers of software engineers every year so you won’t need to pay over the odds for access to the most skilled individuals.

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