Game Designer



August 11, 2023

Our client is a leading game development company known for creating captivating and immersive gaming experiences. With a passion for innovation and a dedication to quality, it strives to deliver exceptional games that resonate with players worldwide. 

The talented team of developers, artists, and designers collaborate to craft visually stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and compelling storylines. With a focus on both mobile and console gaming, our client is committed to pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment and providing unforgettable gaming adventures to players of all ages.

We are looking for a Game Designer to join the team. If you have a keen eye for detail, strong artistic skills, and a love for computer games, this is an exciting opportunity to kickstart your career in the gaming industry.


  • Conducting the competitor games analytics;
  • Tuning balance and performing economy calculation;
  • Developing engaging game content, including promotions and events;
  • Working on comprehensive project documentation (mechanics, economics, characteristics, etc.);
  • Analyzing essential product metrics and formulating strategies to enhance their performance.


  • 2+ year experience as a Game Designer;
  • Strong background in gaming (active gamer with a deep understanding of player psychology);
  • Mobile and desktop games market awareness;
  • Proficiency in mathematics and adeptness in working with data tables (balancing, game calculations);
  • Expertise in game design principles: gameplay mechanics, product metrics, level design, etc.

Bonus points for

  • Experience with mobile f2p games;
  • Experience with monetization;
  • Portfolio of released projects;
  • Experience in creating game design documentation from scratch.

We offer excellent benefits, including but not limited to

  • 100% Remote position;
  • 15 working days of annual paid vacation;
  • 5 working days of annual paid sick leaves;
  • Working hours from 9/10 am to 6/7 pm with a 1-hour break;
  • Friendly and engaging professional team;
  • Opportunities for self-realization, career, and professional growth.

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